First Goop Tales book out now!

Come along with Gablia as she meets a mother and baby unicorn and ends up in a mysterious labyrinth.


What our fans say!

Brilliant, creative stories for kids.
I am so excited for this podcast! The author narrates the stories in a clear, playful way. The stories themselves are infused with music and plenty of sound effects. Each story allows kids to come up with their own ending to a story - a great way to engage your kid’s imagination!


6 year old boys loved it! 
I listened to this in the car with my 6 year old son and his friend. They both were mesmerized and quickly volunteered, "I never share!" "Oh, I never share too!" The quality of the performance is outstanding and we all found it very engaging. When we arrived home, no one would get out of the car until the end of the episode. This is a hit!

Ben Taxy

Goops Tales is an interactive storytelling platform designed to ignite children’s imaginations everywhere.

Each Goop character lives in its own personal web page that features an original story about that Goop and the story photos