Gablia and the Turkish Fairy Chimneys Book

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A fun and educational children's book disguised as a fairy tale for our time. The Goop Tales Episode 1 Book will ignite the little one's imagination and broaden their horizons as it takes them to foreign lands and on spectacular adventures

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Gablia and the Turkish Fairy Chimneys

Come along with Gablia as she meets a mother and baby unicorn and ends up in a mysterious labyrinth that takes her to Turkey. Along the way Gablia discovers the beauty of the Turkish Fairy Chimneys and the Pamukkale basins and meets a friendly jerboa named Asuman. She must figure out how to avoid the rock dwellers and control her gabbling to make it back to Goop World.

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Spark Their Imagination

The Goops were lovingly created to broaden the little one’s horizons by introducing them to different cultures and fascinating animals. Each of the 3 stories follows a goop that embarks on their own adventure to different whimsical corners of the earth. Their names, and therefore personality traits, get them into trouble and motivate them to be their best selves.

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Over the last 5 years founder Maria Calanchini has released over 100 original kids audio stories and has accumulated over a MILLION downloads on iTunes! Here are some of our most recent (not cherry picked) reviews on iTunes:

About the Goops

The Goops are oddly adorable characters that were originally created by Gellett Burgess in 1902 to teach children manners.

Once upon a time, the Goops were widely know, but as time march on and trends changed, the Goops seemed to fade into the background. Maria is now on a mission to bring them back to life in a new and modern way!

Engaging, Entertaining, and Educational Storytelling

If you are looking for something a little more modern, that ignites their creativity and doesn’t underestimate their abilities to learn new words, you can turn to Goop Tales - the perfect bedtime book to read out loud. Fun and educational, disguised as a fairy tale.